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Not all car dealerships are created equally

Car salesman usually have a negative connotation. They’ve been getting bad raps for years. It’s just proof that it only takes 1 to ruin it for all. What do I mean by this? Well, not all car salesmen are snakes in the grass! I recently had a conversation with the owner of a used car dealership in Wilmington NC  and I was extremely surprised to find out that he actually cared more about his customers than most.

I know this because of his actions, not just his words! Of course all owners Wilmington NC car dealers will say “we care about our customers!” … but it is the actions that count.

For example, Bruce, the owner of the aforementioned dealership, has a program that I have never seen before. It helps customers who are fighting with insurance companies to get a fair check back for their totaled vehicle. A lot of times the insurance companies will try to lower the value of the car and get you a light check. Well, Bruce isn’t having it! He actually advocates for his customers by personally talking to the insurance companies to make sure they are giving back the highest possible rebate.

No other company does that!

So I started poking around and reading reviews about this company and the reviews are amazing. One guy even said when he was car shopping, Bruce let him take a truck home overnight and even pulled $20 out of his own pocket and told him to use it for gas as well. Now, Bruce has no way of knowing if he would even use that $20 on gas or not! But it goes to show you the type of character that this dealership has.

You just don’t see this level of caring from dealerships anymore!

Check out this message below from Bruce and his son Matt:


We had a dozen of the GREATEST LSU-S Students, through the Institute for Human Services and Public Policy, coordinated by Garret Johnson, Project Coordinator, and accompanied by Stacey Martino, Executive Director, to spend a day of community service completing the exterior painting of our building at 2121 Fairfield Avenue. They had crews of volunteers throughout the community today at various non-profits; we were just one of their humble and appreciative benefactors. All of this was possible through the coordination of volunteers and volunteer opportunities published through the United Way of Northwest Louisiana – Get Connected Volunteer Center, and Volunteer Louisiana. The Institute for Human Services and Public Policy saw the NEED, and we got connected! Thank you ALL for your time and service to Centerpoint Community Services/Louisiana 2-1-1 on this Martin Luther King, Jr. Day !

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